Tapestry….. knitting….

Two lovely gigs over the Bank Holiday weekend. First Lowestoft Folk Club then Hitchin on Easter Sunday. Thanks to all who came along. I was feeling particularly chipper since my album Friday Night Train Home was compared in a review (in Mardles) to Carole King’s Tapestry… I must admit that although this pleased me no end, I did find it a bit baffling until I realised that it was perhaps due to the fact that one of the tracks on my album is entitled “The Knitting Song”… tapestry, knitting…..

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  1. alyne jones says:

    Listening to george Welsh singing last night in Dalbeattie , he mentioned your knitting song. I teach Traditional knitting as a folklorist , and have found references to knitting songs early in 20th century, but have not been able to track them down! Glad you have written one!

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