Past gigs

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12th Jan Live Music at Orpington Liberal Club

24th Jan Faversham Folk Club

16th Mar Foyer Folk

21st Apr Hitchin Folk Club supporting Cara Dillon & Sam Lakeman 

24th Apr The Willows Folk Club

25th Apr Bromsgrove Folk Club


16th Jan Croydon Folk Club

18th Jan Chequers Folk Club

1st Feb Dorking Folk Club

24th Mar Woodman Folk Club

26th Mar Grimsby Folk Club

2nd Apr Readifolk

20th Apr Orpington Folk Club

30th Apr Essex Green Weekend

12th May Watford Folk Club

15th May Cellar Upstairs Folk Club

21st May Windmill Acoustic Sessions

26th May Cambridge Folk Club

16th June The Intimate Space at St Mary’s Tower

8th Aug The Cornerhouse

15th Sep Waveney Folk Club

11th Oct Red Lion Folk Club

18th Oct The Lamb Folk Club

29th Nov Cramlington Folk Club


12th Mar Canopy Theatre

16th Mar  Faversham Folk Club

25th Mar  Northwich Folk Club

26th Mar  Black Dyke Mills Heritage Venue

27th Mar Bothy Folk Club

18th May Red Lion Folk Club

26th May Loughton Folk Club

26th July Bracknell Folk Club 

19th – 21st Aug Moira Furnace Folk Festival

14th Sep Redbourn Folk Club

18th Sep Twickfolk

18th Oct St Neots Folk Club

1st Nov Dartford Folk Club

21st Nov Chesham Folk Club


6th Sep Green Note

9th – 12th Sep  Baafest

29th Oct Waveney Folk Club


5th Jan Hitchin Folk Club

12th Jan Twickfolk Winter Hill album launch

15th Jan Chequers Folk Club

16th Jan Bards & Beats.  Poetry and music.

31st Jan Cambridge Folk Club

13th Mar Woodman Folk Club

15th Mar The Raven Folk Club, 

28th August 2020 8pm Cambridge Folk Club online


8th Jan Dartford Folk Club

22nd Jan Hoy at Anchor Folk Club

8th Feb The Ram Club, Old Cranleighan Club

8th Apr Chesham Folk Club

21st Apr  Hitchin Folk Club Sharing the bill with Dave Ellis & Boo Howard

26th Apr Fourth Friday  Sharing the bill with my friend, poet and crime-writer John Harvey and others.

4th May Wychwood Folk Club Supporting the Gerry Colvin Band

16th May Loughton Folk Club

17th May The Song Loft

4th June St Neot’s Folk Club

14th June Crouch End Festival, The Intimate Space at St Mary’s Tower

18th July Orpington Folk Club

10th Aug  Broadstairs Folk Week

31st Aug Llanwddyn Weekend of Folk & Acoustic Music

18th Sep Dorking Folk Club

25th Sep Redbourn Folk Club

27th Sep Fourth Friday

15th Oct Great Knight Folk Club

18th Oct  Waveney Folk Club

23rd Oct Banbury Folk Club

8th Nov  Orpington Liberal Club

11th Nov Croydon Folk Club

6th Dec Watford Folk Club 


18th Jan Orpington Folk Club

16th Feb Songloft

14th Mar Cross Keys Inn

16th Mar  Woodman Folk Club

1st April  Hitchin Folk Club 

27th April  Fourth Friday

4th May  Cambridge Folk Club  Gregson & Simcock

5th May Gregson & Simcock Wychwood Folk Club

10th May  Bromsgrove Folk Club Gregson & Simcock

14th May  Croydon Folk Club Gregson & Simcock

19th May  The Canopy Theatre  Gregson & Simcock

21st May  Colchester Folk Club  Gregson & Simcock

22nd May The Musician Gregson & Simcock

23rd May The Willows Folk Club Gregson & Simcock

5th July Lymm Folk Club

11th September  Sandbach Folk Club

12th September  Bromorough Folk Club

19th October Waveney Folk Club


13th Jan  The Ram Club

7th April   Watford Folk Club 

16th April   Hitchin Folk Club  sharing the bill with Dave Ellis & Boo Howard.

28th April Fourth Friday

9th May Dartford Folk Club

12th May St Lawrence’s Church sharing the bill with Dave Ellis & Boo Howard.

1st June Loughton Folk Club

16th June 2017 8pm Cambridge Folk Club sharing the bill with Ninebarrow

22nd June 2017 8pm Stortfolk,  Royal British Legion

1st July 2.40 pm Kimpton Festival

15th Aug 2017 Broadstairs Folk Week  (Gregson & Simcock)

20th Sep 2017 8.30pm  Dorking Folk Club

26th Sep 2017 Bracknell Folk Club

6th Oct 2017  Roots Music Club     (Gregson & Simcock)

7th Oct 2017 Black Dyke Mills    (Gregson & Simcock)

8th Oct 2017 Twickfolk     (Gregson & Simcock)

10th Oct 2017  Dartford Folk Club    (Gregson & Simcock)

11th Oct 2017  The Old Ship Inn  Loughton   (Gregson & Simcock)

13th Oct 2017  Farncombe Music Club    (Gregson & Simcock)

14th Oct 2017  West Kirby Arts Centre     (Gregson & Simcock)

15th Oct 2017  Hitchin Folk Club    (Gregson & Simcock)

18th & 19th Oct 2017  Cross Keys Folk Club   (Gregson & Simcock)

15th Oct 2017  Hitchin Folk Club    (Gregson & Simcock)

21st Oct 2017  Coal Aston Live     (Gregson & Simcock)

15th Nov 2017 Chequers Folk Club


8th Jan  Chesterfield Folk Club sharing the bill with Haywood & Newman

10th Jan  Readifolk

13th Jan Dorking Folk Club

5th Feb The Songloft

6th Feb  Orpington Liberal Club

29th Feb Croydon Folk Club

13th Mar Twickfolk

27th Mar Hitchin Folk Club sharing the bill with Dave Ellis & Boo Howard

22nd Apr Fourth Friday sharing bill with John Harvey and Danielle Hope

27th Apr  The Willows Folk Club

28th Apr Lymm Folk Club   

2nd July The Three Daggers Festival

20th Sep  Kiss the Sky Local musicians in support of Oxfam

7th Oct  The Forge   (Gregson & Simcock play songs of Gregson & Collister)

8th Oct  Banbury Folk Festival  (Gregson & Simcock play songs of Gregson & Collister)

18th Oct St Neots Folk Club

20th Oct Redbourne Folk Club

1st Nov Hoy at Anchor Folk Club 

18th Nov Waveney Folk Club

5th Dec Chesham Folk Club

8th Dec Stortfolk


13th Jan Dartford Folk Club

22nd Jan Loughton Folk Club

30th Jan Waveney Folk Club

13th Feb  Cambridge Folk Club 

28th Mar Grayshott Folk Club solo set supporting Linda Lewis  

5th Apr  Hitchin Folk Club sharing the bill with Dave Ellis & Boo Howard

18th April Ashwellthorpe Village Hall

8th Aug Reepham Festival

3rd Sep Orpington Folk Club

12th Sep Acoustic Routes

17th Sep Third Thursday: Bards & Beats  The Ivy House

24th Sep Stortfolk

25th Sep Woodman Folk Club

9th Oct Herne Hill Festival   Sharing the bill with Bob Wood and Nigel of Bermondsey

GregsonSimcock screenshot

6th Nov Ashington Folk Club  (Gregson & Simcock play songs of Gregson & Collister)

7th Nov Etal Village Hall (Gregson & Simcock play songs of Gregson & Collister)

13th Nov Black Swan Folk Club at the NCEM  (Gregson & Simcock play songs of Gregson & Collister)

14th Nov Playhouse 2  (Gregson & Simcock play songs of Gregson & Collister)

18th Nov Chester Green Community Centre (Gregson & Simcock play songs of Gregson & Collister)

19th Nov Garstang Unplugged (Gregson & Simcock play songs of Gregson & Collister)

20th Nov The Ram Club  (Gregson & Simcock play songs of Gregson & Collister)

21st Nov Black Dyke Mills Heritage Venue (Gregson & Simcock play songs of Gregson & Collister)

22nd Nov  Hitchin Folk Club (Gregson & Simcock play songs of Gregson & Collister)

23rd Nov Colchester Folk Club (Gregson & Simcock play songs of Gregson & Collister)

24th Nov Dartford Folk Club  (Gregson & Simcock play songs of Gregson & Collister)

26th Nov The Church House  (Gregson & Simcock play songs of Gregson & Collister)

27th Nov Nailsea Folk Club  (Gregson & Simcock play songs of Gregson & Collister)

28th Nov Faldingworth Live  (Gregson & Simcock play songs of Gregson & Collister)


10th Jan  Friday Folk

12th Jan  “Even Cosier” – a Folk in the Barn event

19th Jan   Twickfolk

21st Jan   St Neots Folk Club

5th Feb   The Willows Folk Club

23rd Feb The Raven Folk Club

28th Feb   The Ram Club

18th Apr Waveney Folk Club

20th Apr Hitchin Folk Club

25th Apr  Woodman Folk Club

6th May  The Hoy at Anchor Folk Club

23rd May  Fourth Friday

21st June  Lymm Festival sharing the evening with The Hometowners

27th June  Watford Folk Club

15th July Great kNight Folk Club

27th Sep The Ponda Rosa

4th Oct Garboldisham Village Hall supported by Graham Cunliffe.

23rd Oct Stortfolk

15th Nov Dunton Folk

12 Dec  The Voicebox 

13th Dec  The Belmont Bull 



8th Feb Waveney Folk Club

15th Mar The Song Loft

17th Mar Horsham Folk Club

31st Mar Hitchin Folk Club sharing the bill with Dave Ellis & Boo Howard

8th Apr Colchester Folk Club

15th Apr Sheppey Folk & Blues Club

26th Apr Fourth Friday

2nd May Orpington Folk Club

6th May Rochester Sweeps Festival

11th May The Belmont Bull

31st May The Village Pump Friday Night Folk Club

2nd June Readifolk

14th June Chesterfield Folk Club supporting Fake Thakray

30th July Dartford Folk Club

14th Sep  Garboldisham Village Hall

26th Sep  Redbourne Folk Club

5th Oct  Colton Village Hall

17th Oct Herne Hill Music Festival

25th Oct  Whitstable Sessions  supporting Ian Matthews

28th Oct Croydon Folk Club

31st Oct  Stortfolk (solo gig)

11th Nov  Herga Folk Club

19th Nov The Bluebell Inn

26th Nov   Romford Folk Club

29th Nov  Friday Folk

30th Nov  Grayshott Folk Club  30 minute solo set supporting Tyde

6th Dec   The Milkmaid Folk Club


3rd Jan Dartford Folk Club

10th Jan Hoy At Anchor Folk Club

14th Jan Acoustic Routes sharing the bill with The Portraits

13th Mar Belper Folk Club

15th Mar Third Thursday

30th Mar The Ram Club

3rd April Great kNight Folk Club

6th April Hove Folk Club

8th April Hitchin Folk Club

17th Apr St Neots Folk Club

25th May Folk at the Pumphouse

12th June Bracknell Folk Club

16th June AcoustiCity sharing the bill with David Booth

22nd June Fourth Friday

15th July Ely Folk Festival

28th July Cambridge Folk Festival Club Tent appearing for St Neot’s Folk Club

17th Sep Chesham Folk Club

23rd Sep Twickfolk

10th Nov Centre 404 fundraiser sharing the bill with Dave Ellis & Boo Howard

15th Nov Stortfolk

14th Dec Cambridge Folk Club


15th Mar Bluebell Inn

3rd Mar Wivenhoe Folk Club

24th Feb Sunray Folk Club

2nd Apr Wattisfield Village Hall sharing the evening with  Dave Ellis & Boo Howard.

14th Feb Croyden Folk Club

24th Apr Hitchin Folk Club

19th June Redbourne Folk, Blues & Steam Day

24th June Fourth Friday

9th July Ely Folk Festival

21st July Orpington Folk Club

31st July Cambridge Folk Festival Club Tent (appearing for Hitchin Folk Club)

17th Sep Ashwellthorpe Village Hall supported by Tallis

7th Oct Friday Folk

27th Oct Stortfolk

7th Nov Ronnie’s Bar


21st Jan Redbourne Folk Club

26th Jan Hoy at Anchor Folk Club

5th Feb The Acoustic Kitchen

26th Feb fourth friday

7th Mar Horsham Folk Club

15th Mar Sheppey Folk Club

20th Mar Sutton Folk Club

4th Apr Hitchin Folk Club with Dave Ellis and Boo Howard.

6th Apr Dartford Folk Club

9th Apr Song Loft

23rd Apr Cambridge Folk Club

29th Apr FAB Nights supporting Megson

28th May The Ram Club

15th June St Neots Folk Club

30th June Dorking Folk Club

10th July Acoustic Routes sharing the evening with Harpeth Rising

17th July AcoustiCity sharing the evening with Dave Ellis & Boo Howard, as well as Emily Maguire.

12th Sep Readifolk

16th Sep Stortfolk

30th Sep Rhythm & Muse

15th Oct Farncombe Cavern

26th Oct Belper Folk Club supporting Grace Notes

8th Nov Tudor Folk Club

12th Nov The Voice Box

20th Nov Garboldisham Village Hall with Dave Ellis and Boo Howard

26th Novfourth friday


6th Jan Dartford Folk Club

10th Jan Acoustic Routes

24th Jan Garboldisham Village Hall supporting The Churchfitters.

9th Feb Rose & Crown

2nd Apr Wivenhoe Folk Club

28th Apr The Bluebell Inn

3rd May Hitchin Folk Club sharing the bill with Dave Ellis and Boo Howard

7th June Twickfolk Supporting Andy Irvine.

12th June Farncombe Music Festival supporting Michael Weston King

14th June Folk on the Green

26th June Friday Folk

28th June Twickfolk

3rd July Milkmaid Folk Club

24th July fourth friday

22nd Oct Orpington Folk Club

24th Oct Colton Village Hall sharing the evening with Carita Dolche.

19th Nov Stortfolk

21st Nov Wattisfield Community Centre supported by Martin Kaszak

26th Nov Rhythm & Muse


15th Jan The Bluebell Inn

26th Jan Garboldisham Village Hall supporting The Churchfitters

28th Feb Redbourne Folk Club, Herts

17th Mar Sheppey Folk & Blues Club

18th Mar St Neot’s Folk Club

27th Mar Rhythm & Muse, Teddington

4th Apr Cambridge Folk Club

14th Apr Rose & Crown

25th Apr High Barn showcase evening

3rd May Wattisfield Community Centre with Hedgepig

4th May Hitchin Folk Club with Jenna Witts and Edwina Hayes

8th May Folk on the Pier supporting John Tams and Barry Coope

15th May Orpington Folk Club

18th May FAB Club

6th June The Ram Club

28th June Togfest

5th Aug The Hoy at Anchor Folk Club

17th Aug 1st Bury St Edmunds Community Music Day

4th Oct AcoustiCity supporting Ashley Hutchings’ Rainbow Chasers

16th Oct Stortfolk

30th Oct Rhythm & Muse, Teddington

7th Nov Milkmaid Folk Club supporting The Expatriate Game

29th Nov Fourth Friday with John Harvey and Paul Birtill.

8th Dec Croydon Folk Club

12th Dec Kalamazoo Klub

14th Dec Walthamstow Folk Club


19th Jan Debenham Leisure Centre Suffolk, supporting The Churchfitters

24th Jan National Theatre Foyer sharing the bill with  Janis Haves and Abbie Lathe.

26th Jan The Ent Shed Bedford, supporting The Churchfitters

27th Jan Garboldisham Village Hall supporting The Churchfitters

28th Jan Norwich Assembly House supporting The Churchfitters

1st Feb Wivenhoe Folk Club Essex

23rd Feb Fourth Friday with John Godfrey and Pam Borthwick

28th Feb Folk Mob Tudor Barn, Eltham

25th Mar Horsham Folk Club

31st Mar The Loft  sharing the bill with  Jenni Rotidi and Alisha Sufit .

1st Apr Folk Beyond the Pier alongside  The Wrigley Sisters  & the Tim Edey Band

8th Apr Hitchin Folk Club sharing the bill with Dave Ellis and Boo Howard

12th May St Neot’s Folk Festival with the Battlefield Band & the New Rope String Band.

15th May Dartford Folk Club

1st June Joni Mitchell Covers Night, High Barn 

8th June Friday Folk Orpington

16th June The Perseverence, Marylebone, with Alastair Artingstall and Noah Zacharin.

20th June  All Saints Church, Kingston-upon-Thames with Janis Haves

22nd June Farncombe Music Club with Janis Haves

28th June Stortfolk

1st Sep Red Lion Manningtree Essex

18th Sep Twickenham Folk Club

28th Nov National Theatre Foyer with Janis Haves.

7th Dec Milkmaid Folk Club support for Alistair Russell

12th Dec Angelic Music Liz Simcock and Janis Haves at the Mada Deli Cafe, East Molesey


8th Jan Hitchin Folk Club sharing the evening with Dave Ellis and Boo Howard

21st Jan Garboldisham Village Hall supporting The Churchfitters

29th Jan Wandering Windward St Albans Folk Song Club

15th Feb The Chanticleer

9th Mar Redbourn Folk Club

10th Mar The Six Bells Fulbourn sharing the bill with the Free Agents

20th Mar Croydon Folk Club

7th Apr Milkmaid Folk Club

28th Apr Fab Nights The Entertainments Shed, Bedford sharing the bill with Rubymuse

6th May St Neot’s Folk Festival

12th May The Ram Club

18th May Stortfolk

1st June Anchor Folk Club

13th June Bush HallAngelic Music Showcase

20th June The Bluebell Inn, Hemstead, Cambridge

23rd June Fourth Friday, The Poetry Cafe

14th July Cambridge Folk Club

24th July Acoustic Sussex sharing the bill with Pete Atkin

30th July Cambridge Folk Festival Club Tent (for Hitchin Folk Club)

23rd Sep Acoustic Routes supporting Christine Collister

28th Sep National Theatre Foyer sharing the bill with Janis Haves and Edwina Hayes

10th Oct The Hoy at Anchor Folk Club

19th Oct Orpington Folk Club

21st Oct Oxfam Books & Music, Crouch End

29th Oct Hitchin Folk Club supporting Clive Carrol

9th Nov Jingles Ramsey Folk Club, Cambs

18th Nov House of Music Old Buckenham, Norfolk

10th Dec Walthamstow Folk Club


29th Jan Ixworth Village Hall (supporting the Churchfitters in aid of Action for ME)

1st Feb The Bluebell Inn Hempstead, nr Saffron Waldon

5th Feb Acoustic Routes sharing the gig with Mooncoin

17th Feb Stortfolk

19th Feb The Poetry Cafe

20th April Ely Folk Club (support for Sara Grey and Keiron Means)

26th April Green Man Folk Club

29th April Woodworks Festival supporting Nancy Kerr and James Fagan

10th May The Ram Jam ClubThe Grey Horse, Kingston, sharing the evening with Janis Haves

12th May Windmill Acoustic Music Club

27th May Oxford Folk Club

21st June Dartford Folk Club

12th July Arts Acoustic Norwich Arts Centre

17th July Twickenham Folk Club support for Darden Smith

31st July Twickenham Folk Club (my own gig this time with Ian and Warwick)

12th Aug Kalamazoo Klub sharing the evening with Chris Smyth and Ginny Clee

20th Sep St Neot’s Folk Club

11th Nov Friday Folk, Orpington

12th Nov AcoustiCity, Colchester

8th Dec Jingles, Ramsey

16th Dec Milkmaid Folk Club Bury St Edmonds supporting William Pint and Felicia Dale

22nd Dec Orpington Folk Club


13th Jan Dartford Folk Club

7th Feb Timewarp in Soho

14th Feb The Poetry Cafe

29th Feb Windsor Arts Centre

9th Apr Kalamazoo Klub

13th Apr Phil’s Acoustic Club

17th April The Poetry Cafe

15th May The Poetry Cafe

22nd May Tithe Barn, Bardwell, Suffolk (support for Mooncoin)

6th June Horsham Folk Club (shared gig with Steve Winchester)

10th June Loughborough Acoustic Club

27th June Music by the Lake

10th July The Ram Club

16th July Friday Folk, Orpington

24th July The Poetry Cafe

31st July Cambridge Folk Festival (Club Tent set for St Neots Folk Club)

3rd Aug The Eclipse, Bishop’s Stortford.  Shared gig with North ‘n South

18th Sep The Poetry Cafe

15th Sep The Shed, Bedford (support for Helen Watson)

5th Oct ArtsAcoustic Norwich Arts Centre supporting Mooncoin

4th Nov Wivenhoe Folk Club

6th Nov The Poetry Cafe

7th Nov Hitchin Folk Club supporting Clive Gregson

22nd Nov The Poetry Cafe

2nd Dec Orpington Folk Club

10th Dec Cambridge Folk Club


5th Jan Hitchin Folk Club (shared gig with Dave Ellis and Boo Howard)

25th Jan The Poetry Cafe

1st Feb Acoustic Routes (Cambridge)

2nd Mar Wenlock Acoustic Club

4th April The Shed, Bedford (support for Anita Gabrielle)

26th Apri The Poetry Cafe

1st May Orpington Folk Club

4th June Whiting Store (Fundraiser for Quoddy Regional Land Trust

20th June Cambridge Folk Club (support for Eric Roche and Andy Newman)

21st June The Poetry Cafe

2nd July Wenlock Acoustic Club

10th July Stortfolk

11th July Kalamazoo Club (Support for Julie Felix)

16th July The Chanticleer

26th July The Poetry Cafe (shared gig with “North and South”)

2nd Aug Cambridge Folk Festival (Club Tent set for Acoustic Routes)

6th Sep The Poetry Cafe

12th Sep Kamalazoo Klub (Crouch End)

5th Oct Twickenham Folk Club 

12th Oct Hitchin Folk Club (support for Ashley Hutchings and Friends)

22nd Oct Friendly Earth Acoustic Club

31st Oct Cambridge Folk Club

6th Nov Anchor Folk Club, Byfleet

18th Nov St Neots Folk Club Cambridgeshire

13th Dec AcoustiCity Colchester


22nd Feb Cambridge Folk Club

23rd Feb The Poetry Cafe

24th Feb Windsor Arts Centre

3rd Mar Lizzie’s (Stevenage)

10th Mar Hitchin Folk Club (support)

14th April Twickenham Folk Club

24th April Zaks (Milton Keynes)

18th May The Poetry Cafe

28th May Dartford Folk Club

1st June Acoustic Routes (Cambridge)

8th June The Poetry Cafe

18th June Roots Focus, Ealing (support for Pamela Morgan)

26th July Cambridge Folk Club

2nd Aug Cambridge Folk Festival (Club Tent for Cambridge Folk Club)

17th Aug Swaines Green Festival

26th Sep Windmill Acoustic Club

30th Oct Zaks (Milton Keynes)

2nd Nov The Poetry Cafe

6th Nov Wenlock Acoustic Club

9th Nov Cannock (fundraiser for the DEBRA appeal)

21st Nov Stortfolk

14th Dec The Poetry Café