Liz’s Guitar

Once upon a time, Liz set off down the lane and went to visit her brother, David Simcock.  She noticed that he had some very nice guitars lying around the house.  “What lovely guitars you have” she said.  “All the better to play your songs on” he replied, smiling to show his perfect white teeth (he was a dentist).  “I made them myself, and if you are a very good girl” he continued “I will make you one of your very own….”  And as quick as a flash, he got to work in his workshop and made her the best and most beautiful guitar she had ever seen, and they all lived happily ever after……All except for Liz’s lovely 000038 Martin guitar who was very sad indeed and who wasn’t allowed to go to gigs any more and had to stay at home and hang on the wall tuned to DADGAD for a hundred years.  Then one day…….. Oh but children that’s a story for another day….

23rd Feb 2009

David and I set off to Craft Supplies in the Peak District to go and choose materials for the new guitar.  I knew I wanted it to be pretty much the same as the one he’s already made so we chose the similar materials.  David will make all the wooden parts from scratch apart from the fretboard we bought ready made.  Here we are outside the shop with the purchases.
 David with wood  shopping trolley parts  Liz with wood
Sides (Brazilian Rosewood), Bridge (ebony), Fingerboard (ebony), Top (alpine spruce), Back (Brazilian rosewood) It’s a bit worrying how lovingly I’m looking at the wood: anyone would think I was holding a new baby and not a few grubby-looking pieces of wood!

NB on an ecological note, dalbergia nigra, the tree from which Brazilian rosewood comes, is a endangered species, so it can only be legally traded if it comes from a tree that was felled before June 1992 when it was listed as protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.  We are reliably assured that our rosewood comes into this category.


The full tale of Liz’s Guitar will be added in due course….